Silver Anatole furniture is created by affixing thin sheets of a silver metal alloy over a wooden furniture frame.

Flat sheets of metal are smoothed onto the surface with hand tools, creating unique scuffing and 'distress' marks on the surface, rendering each piece completely individual.

Care Instructions

Your Silver Anatole furniture should not tarnish beyond a slight 'antique' look, which many people find attractive.

Anatole furniture can cleaned and polished by buffing with 000 grade steel wool (found in the paint section of hardware stores) or using regular silver cleaning products.

Almost any mark or discolouration can be removed with vigorous buffing and polishing, and there is no chance of the silver finish rubbing off, as this is a solid sheet of metal, rather than 'silver plate' type finish.

Silver Anatole Sideboard

  • 80 x 45 x 85 cm